Take your seat as a co-creator of reality.

 Without religion, you have to find your own way.

And it's easy to feel lost.

You want clarity in a chaotic world.

You want true purpose in your life.

You feel stuck, unsure what advice to follow.

You've gone as far as you can on your own.

You want clear guidance from someone with experience


You want wisdom you can respect.

I help seekers take their seat as co-creators of reality through the power of absolute love.


Alan Watts said, "if you are your foot, you are the sun."

It's easy to forget that.

Maybe you've had peak experiences where you've caught a glimpse of the interconnectedness of reality, but it doesn't last.

You want something solid.


A state of depth, peace, and joy that will not go away.

You want to find a steady river of inner power.

You want to escape the survival dance, and start your sacred dance.

You want to find a peace that can't be broken.

I have spent years studying spiritual, philosophical and mystical traditions from around the world.

I teach what I've found true in my own experience and what I've seen transform the lives of others.

Spiritual growth requires courage and commitment.

It requires stable mental health and a willingness to look at yourself honestly.

Wilderness guide Scott Eberle once told me, "this practice won't make your life easier, but it will make it more authentic."

You must be willing to "hug the cactus" and embrace the parts of you that are hardest to love, and to love others in the same way.​

There are five core pillars of my work:


  1. Love

  2. Awakening

  3. No-Self (Divine Union)

  4. Humanness

  5. Letting go

This isn't about see visions or have ecstatic revelations. 

This isn't about manifesting your dream car.

This is about becoming free. 

This is about learning how to love.

Through love you will be able to transform your life.

And just as importantly, you will be able to transform the lives of others.


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