Which relationship do you want help with?


You want a partner to share your life with.

You want someone you respect.

You want someone you can rely on.

You don't want to settle, but you're tired of searching.

You want a relationship you're proud of.

You want to your love to feel healthy.

You want something that feels easy.

You want something that feels right.

Many of us grew up without examples of healthy relationships.

We've had to figure things out on our own.

Relationships are a place for immense personal and also spiritual growth.

Partners bring things out in us that don't emerge anywhere else.

Our childhood grievences. Our wounds. Our insecurities.

But also our great tenderness. Compassion. And our vast ability to love.

To show up well in relationships, we first have to show up well for ourselves.

Whatever "stuff" we haven't addressed within ourselves will come out sideways in our relationships.

This can sabotage our relationships, or lead us into toxic situations without us realizing it.

Romantic love is no different than spiritual love.

And in working together, we look at all relationships as sacred.